The main focus of attention is on the realisation of complex andtop-quality cast iron components. We hereby take everything into account so as to achieve the goal of a concentrated and safe development of your components.

Competence leads to the goal!

Our customers profit greatly from theknow-how of our development and planning department for the development of complicated cast iron components. We hereby avail ourselves of all common CAD programs so that we can realise even the most complex of components. Thanks to the experience of our technicians in the fields of  design and manufacture the development of any product always concentrates on economic and sustainable aspects.

  • Realisation of complex and top-quality cast iron components
  • Own development and planning department
  • 3D simulation and visualisation

  • The firm of ZürnTEC Components GmbH with registered offices in Munich was founded as a development partner for the automotive and commercial vehicle sector as well as other other lines of industry.

    • Thierschstraße 11
      80538 Munich

    • phone:  +49 89 / 21 23 96-0
      telefax: +49 89 / 29 49 60