At the beginning of the cooperation, we hold intensive and detailed consultations and our experienced and competent team works out possible solutions for you.  Because the specific analysis of your requirements is essential for a good result.

Technical advice in casting technology:
Processes, applications, materials, tool technology

Consideration of sustainability:
Low consumption of resources, use of efficient production facilities, for long-life use of products

Note on optimization options:
Possible savings in material, operating resources and production times

Verification of the feasibility of pre-designed components:
Undercuts, wall thicknesses, tolerances, surfaces

Preparation of offers:
For the components, ready-to-install components, tools, patterns

The right experience leads to the best solutions
Through decades of experience and know-how in the field of cast iron, we offer you targeted advice on complex and high-quality cast iron components. Following this, we intervene to support the development and construction of components. The focus here is always on optimal and cost-effective process control. Our competent staff will be happy to support you showing non-binding solutions that serve to control the process optimization right from the start. The realistic assessment of your projects should protect against surprises and ensure further planning.

  • Competent team member
  • Intensive and detailed consultation
  • Targeted solution and execution
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