ZürnTEC Fertigung, manufacure, zuerntec.com Production Manufacture of
cast components
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The jointly developed results are then implemented on our production partner lines, whereby we pay attention to the highest quality standards in all aspects.

Production of cast iron components: EN-GJL 150 to GJS 700 and special alloys

Monitoring control of production: quality, quantities and deadlines

Follow-up work: cooling section, demolding, shot blasting and grinding

CNC processing and thermic pre- and post-treatment: Turning, milling, drilling, hardening

Surface finishing: galvanizing, coating, enameling

Focus on profitability and quality
For an efficient production of the developed constructions, we have the right production option. A global network enables us to do a variety of opportunities for cost-effective and efficient production of cast iron components. Simultaneously we offer mechanical processing, surface finishing and pre-assembling for production lines. Our attention is to rely on well-trained specialists so that the various processing steps are optimal implemented.

  • Well-trained experts
  • Profitability and quality
  • Worldwide operating network

TU Munich – powerful partner to confirm our quality
TU Munich (link)

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