The firm of ZürnTEC Components GmbH understands sustainability to be human and entrepreneurial action for intergenerational justice and the equal opportunities worldwide.

A responsibility for future generations too!

This can be achieved by a better resource managementso that the available resources can be used more fairly for coming generations, as well as for reasons of  a wise treatment of the environment. The encouragement of sustainable products and innovations is just as much a concern as the implementation of safety and environmental topics as well as the fair treatment of customers and partners.

This is why we encourage a more productive and efficient use of materials and concentrate more on quality than quantity. The longer use of these products over time is also a key aspect of our entrepreneurial thoughts and actions. Metal is highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses and has one of the longest service lives. Almost no other material can be 100% recycled with no loss of its properties. The choice of modern and efficient systems, the economical use of raw materials and the optimum operation of technology, as well raising the  awareness ofemployees, forms the foundation for the achievement of our goals.

  • The firm of ZürnTEC Components GmbH with registered offices in Munich was founded as a development partner for the automotive and commercial vehicle sector as well as other other lines of industry.

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