The jointly agreed results are then implemented with our production partners,whereby we take great care to ensure the highest quality demands in all aspects.

A focus on profitability and quality!

We find the right partner for an efficient production of the developed designs. A worldwide network  means that we can fall back on a variety of options for a low-cost and efficient production of cast iron components. At the same time, we offer mechanical processing, surface finishing and pre-assembly. We also pay attention to well-trainedexperts so that the various process steps are carried out perfectly.

  • Well-trained experts
  • Profitability and quality
  • Worldwide network

  • The firm of ZürnTEC Components GmbH with registered offices in Munich was founded as a development partner for the automotive and commercial vehicle sector as well as other other lines of industry.

    • Thierschstraße 11
      80538 Munich

    • phone:  +49 89 / 21 23 96-0
      telefax: +49 89 / 29 49 60